Weight Loss Program San Antonio, TX

Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program starts with a consultation with Dr De Anda. During the consultation we will talk about your past obstacles with weight loss, your motivation and your health goals you wish to achieve. Posture, quality of movement and previous injuries will be assessed to better modify a plan for your specific needs. Based on the consultation Dr De Anda we will write- up and explain what a success plan looks like specific to your needs.

Once we have started the plan, baseline assessment, measurements and metrics will be established to reevaluate every month so that we can measure our success or modify your plan according to your progress.

Our focus is to cover you in every factor needed to reach your goals. We are with you in the gym, to decide what exercises that are better suited for your body taking into account previous injuries, maximizing calorie consumption and personal fitness or strength goals. We are movement specialists, so we understand how to do any exercise with proper alignment, posture or body mechanics.

Optimum Physio Therapies at San Antonio, TX does not believe in fad dieting, however, having the right mindset with food is crucial and making better choices with consumption is everything. Request your free screening today to get started on your weight loss!