Post-Stroke Rehab San Antonio, TX

Post-Stroke Rehab

The time is now! Immediately after a stroke the body’s nervous system is trying to send signals from your brain to your arms and legs. Basically, the nervous system is trying to reconnect to allow movement to our limbs. The chances of your nervous system reconnecting and regaining normal movement is greater immediately after a stroke.

Physical therapists, work to re-establish the connection of your brain’s ability to move your arms and legs, so normal motion is regained. That’s why physical therapy is so important immediately following a stroke. If you have already been through PT with little results, don’t be discouraged.

Everyone heals at a different rate. There are many factors that affect the rate of healing. Such as, time that has passed since the initial stroke, physical strength and condition, diabetes, smoking, getting proper sleep. One big factor that affects the speed of recovery is age. The younger we are, the faster we heal and the quicker we get our normal motion back. So if you are a little older and you had a stroke in the last year or two, don’t give up on motion. Contact our clinic at San Antonio, TX today for a free screening and see a doctor of physical therapy to understand what you can do to maximize your motion and get back to living normally again.