Kids Strengthening Program San Antonio, TX

Kids Strengthening Program

Up until the age of 15 years old, children’s bodies go through tremendously change. They go through much more growth in statue and girth than adults do. Growth may not be evenly proportional with every system of the body. Quite often, children have difficulty adjusting to these changes and still perform in high level sport movements that require muscle strength, agility, coordination, explosive movements, the ability to quickly start and stop, and quick accurate and precise foot work. Many times, the systems of the body are not developing all at the same rate; some slower than others. For example when a child grows 3-4 inches over a summer his skeletal system grown much faster than is nerves and muscles do. It can be frustrating and discouraging for children who go through these changes while playing high level sports or wishing to start.

We recognize this common problem with our youth today, so our clinic has developed a program to improve strengthen, power, agility, coordination, speed, precision, accuracy for all children going through these changes. Our goal to establish a solid foundation of essential motor skill need to excel in high level sports.

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