Bell's Palsy San Antonio, TX

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy may be a reaction to a viral infection that causes the nerve to become inflamed and damaged. This, in turn, causes partial or full paralysis to the muscles of the face on the same side. The face on that side began to droop due to loss of motor function to these muscles. There is also loss of control of the lips, nose and eye movement where the eyes stay open and began to dry out.  Speech and tastes can also be affected by this condition. It can also result in hypersensitivity to hearing in the ear on the same side making it difficult for you to tolerate loud noises or in turn become deaf in the ear. It rarely occurs more than once. Bell’s palsy is characterized by muscle weakness that causes one half of the face to droop. 

While Bell’s palsy can get better without treatment, physical therapy can help prevent muscles from permanently contracting. Physical therapies, such as exercise, laser therapy, electrical stimulation, and massage therapy, are used to hasten recovery, improve facial function and minimize sequelae.

How physical therapy helps

Dry needling is a crucial tool used by our Doctors of Physical Therapy to regain muscle contraction to the face muscle even after months of no movement.  

Bell's Palsy San Antonio, TX

Patients typically see movement within the two treatment sessions to the forehead muscles than to the lower smiling muscles of the face.  It truly is an exciting and effective tool to use for Bells Palsy and we are so excited to offer it here at Optimum Physio Therapies.

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If you are experiencing facial palsy, DO NOT HESITATE, THE LONGER YOUR WAIT THE LESS LIKELY YOU ARE TO REGAIN MOVEMENT TO YOUR FACE. Request a free screening at Optimum Physio Therapies at San Antonio, TX today.